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Gunite Pools

Is one thing on your dream pool check-list to have a unique-to-you, never-been-done-before, one-of-a-kind, custom pool? Look no further than our Gunite pools! With Gunite, we can design a pool in any shape you want. Do you want a natural atmosphere, where your pool looks like it’s been there forever as part of the natural environment? Or maybe you want a sleek, sharp-edged, clean, pristine, modern area around your pool? We can do it all

Gunite pools are a specialty of Big Wave Pools. We handle every phase of the pool construction process in-house, without the need to hire sub-contractors. We are with you from the design process to building the pool to filling and treating the water to maintaining it to perfection.

With gunite pools, we can build almost anything you can think of into the pool. If you’re looking for a lap pool for fitness, a friendly, fun shape for kids (both young and old!), or a naturally shaped water feature to enhance your property, gunite can do all of that and more! Our designers here at BigWave can even create a pool that combines all of those features! Beyond that, we can add just about any aquatic feature you can think of to a gunite pool. Do your kids want a sunken rock that they can climb up on in the middle of your pool? No problem! We can also do seat walls, sun decks, underwater barstools, and we can even stick a table right in the middle of your pool!

A feature that you can have with gunite that is not available with vinyl is that landscapes can come right up to the edge of your gunite pool. Spas can be built into the actual pool as well. The sky is the limit with gunite pools!

For those who are concerned about the durability of your pool, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! While gunite is the most obvious part of the project, the metal frame is a core feature that supports and reinforces the concrete to last for decades. So let the worry go, and get ready for years of fun!

Take a look at some of our pools below, then start adding features to your list of what you want your pool to look like! After you have your list, give us a call at 316.733.6388 to schedule a time to chat with one of our designers about how we can make your pool dreams a reality! In our over 20 years of business, we haven’t built a pool that’s identical to any other. That being  said, take a look at the images and features below, add elements from the different pictures to your list, and then come see us!