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Five advantages to planting container gardens

Outdoor Living Center in Andover KSThe art of container gardening dates back thousands of years and shares ties to ancient Rome, Egypt, and the Orient. From hanging gardens to rooftop gardens, the use of containers and pots gave people in the cities the opportunity to grow vegetation. You’ll see some plant containers perfect for your patio at Treescapes Outdoor Living Center.

Today, whether you choose to grow vegetables, mixed flowers or succulents on your patio, a container garden gives you the opportunity to better control your plants’ environment. And it gives you the chance to make the most of your patio, deck and landscape.

Our staff at Treescapes Outdoor Living Center will explain that there are several benefits to choosing container gardens:

  1. Water conservationWhile a pot may dry out more quickly than a landscaped planting, the water you use is controlled and will quickly reach the roots. This will eliminate the opportunity for wasted irrigation which often happens when watering large gardens.
  2. Disease controlNot only does growing plants in a container garden help prevent the spread of plant disease and fungus, it can be easier to treat the plant if it is isolated from the others. You also can control the potting soil mix used, which can be beneficial in keeping your foliage healthy.
  3. Portability for weather changesGrowing your plants in pots allows you to bring the plants into the house during harsh weather conditions. With a little effort, you can maintain your garden indoors (depending on the plant species) throughout the winter and then move it back outside in the spring. This can help make gardening more economical. We at Treescapes Outdoor Living Center will be happy to tell you more about this.
  4. Less strenuousContainer gardening is also a convenient option for older people or those with mobility challenges as it requires less bending and laborious work. The limited surface area within the pot also avoids the need for heavy weeding which makes it especially appealing to people with physical limitations. You will also have no need for heavy tools or garden equipment when caring for your container garden.
  5. Kid friendly – because of its size and portability, a container garden provides an excellent opportunity to introduce a small child to the wonders of gardening. You never know, you may create a future gardener in the process.

Please give Treescapes Outdoor Living Center a call at 316-733-6388 or drop by our showroom at 1202 N. Andover Road if you have questions about creating your own container garden.