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Caring for Swimming Pools – A few tips

maintaining swimming poolsWho doesn’t love the cool, refreshing waters of swimming pools on hot, summer days? Whether you cherish your time relaxing with family and friends on the weekend or rely on your pool for exercise, a sparkling clean swimming pool is a superb addition to any home. Keeping it in top shape throughout a season confronted by bacteria, environmental pollutants, and body oils can be a challenge, however. Whether you have an in ground gunite pool or a vinyl liner pool, here are five tips to preserving the life of your investment:

  1. Routine maintenance – Maintenance is key. Swimming pools need to be tested and cleaned at least once per week, whether or not they are used. This maintenance includes skimming the leaves and debris from the water and emptying the baskets. If you don’t own an automatic vacuum, be sure to remove any debris from the bottom using a manual pool vacuum.
  2. Brush down the pool – It’s important to apply surface cleaner to the waterline on the pool walls and use a pool brush to remove any recent discoloring or residue. This will keep your pool looking sparkling clean and help prevent staining. It’s also vital to use a pool brush on the bottom of the pool to help prevent algae buildup and help disperse chemicals and improve circulation.
  3. Check pH and chlorine levels and treat accordingly – The pH and chlorine levels on swimming pools need to be checked at least twice a week using a commercial test kit. It’s best to keep chlorine levels at 1.0 to 3.0 parts per million (ppm). The pH should stay in the range of 7.4 to 7.6. Pool experts recommend you test your pool water at least four hours after swimming and eight hours after rainfall or a storm. For best results, experts suggest testing at dusk. If you are uncertain of your results, many local pool care businesses offer advice and free testing services.
  4. Shock the pool – In an effort to eliminate containments and algae, experts recommend you super chlorinate your pool water at least once a week, also known as “shocking” the water. This process helps keep your pool water safe as it requires the use of three to five times the normal amount of chlorine or chemical sanitizer to drastically raise chlorine levels. This process kills anything organic. It’s best to shock the pool at dusk and avoid swimming for at least the following 24 hours.
  5. Run a filtration system regularly – While running a filtration system can get costly, the process is vital to the health and longevity of swimming pools. A pool pump helps remove debris from the water and keeps chemicals well-mixed.  Experts recommend running the filtration system as often as possible for best results.

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