Tree Planting Warranties

Trees purchased at retail price/planted by Treescapes: Tree is warrantied 100% for 1 year; labor warrantied for 90 days after planting. Customer is responsible to pay all labor fees after 90 days.

Trees purchased at a discount/planted by Treescapes: Tree is warrantied 100% for a year; labor has no warranty and customer is responsible to pay all labor fees.

*Trees transported and planted by customer: Treescapes is responsible for 50% of the original purchase price of the tree for 6 months. The other 50% of the price is the responsibility of the customer. After 6 months all warranties of customer planted trees expire.

*Some exceptions may apply.

Please allow 2-3 weeks after purchase for the planting of your new trees. Treescapes staff will call the Utility Line Location services needed for the area being planted in to avoid any disruptions to underground lines/pipes in the area. Please make sure to mark the area with flags given by Treescapes to allow easier identification by the line locator company. Treescapes staff will contact the customer prior to planting.

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