Healthy, green grass – Some tips by Treescapes

treescapes lawn careProducing and maintaining a green lawn requires a commitment to lawn care. Whether you take on the arduous task yourself or hire a lawn care professional, it’s important to create a custom seasonal regimen as it doesn’t take long to go from lush green grass to a brown mess. Keep the following Treescapes guidelines in mind when caring for your lawn:

  1. Hydration is keyThe amount you need to water depends not only on where you live but on the time of year. Providing enough water at the right times will help promote growth and keep your grass green. Be sure to provide slow watering as too much water at once will wash right over the land and not be absorbed by the root beds. Experts like Treescapes, as well as water conservationists, agree a lawn does not need to be watered daily. In mild weather, an inch of water a week is recommended, whether it is supplied by a rainstorm or your sprinkler. They say the ideal time of day to water is in the early morning and if you have a timer for your sprinkler, around 3:00am is best as the water has time to soak in without too much evaporation. Avoid the evening, if possible, as this can easily lead to lawn disease and fungus.
  2. Use a mulching lawn mowerYour grass cuttings contain vital nutrients which can be returned to your lawn to help keep it healthy and green. When you use a mulching lawn mower, the clippings are not sent to the catcher, they are held suspended under the deck until they are a fine consistency. These tiny clippings can return a good 15 percent of the lawn’s required nutrients, which can reduce the amount of feed you purchase and apply. We at Treescapes would also like to remind you to make sure you don’t leave long clipping on the grass as it will harm the existing lawn.
  3. Apply fertilizers and weed controlGarden pests and parasites will destroy your lawn if you let them. There are numerous products available to help combat these menacing insects as well as lawn services to help you maintain a lush lawn. If you decide to apply products on your own, it’s important you determine the appropriate levels of fertilizer and weed control necessary for your grass zone and the variety of grass you have in your yard. It’s also essential you prevent weeds from taking over your grass. Quite often, these two steps can be integrated into the same task.
  4. Protect it year roundJust because it’s not summer doesn’t mean you can take a total break from caring for your grass. Once the leaves fall, be sure to remove them from the ground. Depending on where you live, you can lower the height of your mower during the fall and winter to eliminate having too much young growth that will be destroyed by harsh temperatures. Be sure to select a fall and winter fertilizer to nourish the grass and make sure you water it before the ground freezes.

Please give Treescapes a call at 316-733-6388 or drop by our showroom at 1202 N. Andover Road if you have questions about keeping your grass healthy and green.

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