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Aah BigWave Spas

Aah BigWave Spas are manufactured here in Kansas and delivered right to your door! Spas can add a relaxing aspect to your backyard oasis. They run year-round, so on those cold, snowy nights, hop into the bubbly, warm water of your Aah BigWave Spa. Whether you want to Sit. Soak. Relax., or need hydrotherapy, spas offer a myriad of health benefits. Studies have shown that 30 minutes in a a spa daily can lower blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetes patients, improve quality of sleep, offer stress & arthritic relief as well as specified hydrotherapy where your muscles need more attention. our spas can offer either! Take a look at some of the features specific to our spas below, as well as some pictures!

What Makes Aah BigWave Spas Special?

  • Dedicated Circulation Pump
  • Ozonator comes included with all spas
  • Hydro clean Micron Filtration System
  • Minimum 3 pump system *additional pumps available
  • One Circulation Pump is running at all times
  • Waterfall with flow control
  • Polymer Cabinet Panel
  • LED Underwater Lighting
  • ABS Bottom Shield
  • Arctic Pak Insulation
  • State of the Art digital controls
  • Wifi connect available
  • Stereo systems available


  • Reduces chemicals needed in spas
  • Energy Efficient 1/15hp Iron Might
  • Installed in the plumbing system
  • Cleans the water through ozone oxidation
  • Cleans bacteria, viruses, fungi, years, oils, organic cloramines, and inorganic molecules such as dissolved metals
  • Effective against e.coli, salmonella, listeria, pseudomonas
  • Ozone is 200 times stronger than chlorine
  • No negative impact on environment
  • After the ozone is utilized and has cleaned the spa, all that is left is oxygen
Ultimate BigWave Spa Model
Bahama Spa Model
Luxor Spa Model
Hawaiian Spa Model