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Vinyl Pools

Have you been dreaming of building a pool in your backyard, but need something a little less pricey than a gunite pool? Check out our vinyl pools! A high-quality product that is more affordable then gunite! With our designers, we can make a vinyl pool look just as inviting as a gunite pool.

We’re with you from the design, to the digging, to hanging the liner, filling your pool, and if you tell us the day and time of your first swim party, we’ll be there for that, too!

BigWave has years of experience building vinyl pools. It is vital that the vinyl lining and associated plumbing be installed correctly to ensure a long-lasting pool, and BigWave will do your job right the first time.

Vinyl pools have certain shapes and forms we have to follow simply because of the liner, but there’s more freedom than just a regular old rectangle pool. Take a look at some of our designs below to see what we can offer you! Click on each section below for pictures of the different features available in our vinyl pools.

These are by no means the only designs available – in our over 20 years of business, we have not built one pool that’s just the same as any other pool. Once you get an idea of what you want your pool to look like, give us a call to schedule a time with one of our designers so we can get your project started!